Welcome to Naturopathy in Melbourne. Our Natural Health Clinic has been operating since 1990 and is conveniently located in South Melbourne, a short distance from the Melbourne CBD and easily accessible via car or public transport.

Our aim is to provide you with great Naturopathic care at a convenient Melbourne location and a fair price.

While we provide Naturopathy services for all sorts of conditions we do specialize in the following areas:

South Melbourne Naturopathy for Infertility

Lia Mills our senior Naturopath is fully trained in the world acclaimed Amazon Fertility Program. Lia works alongside Antonia Ruhl, the founder of the program and provides in depth Naturopathic care to maximize your chances of conception.

South Melbourne Naturopathy for Weight Loss

Lia Mills our senior Naturopath is fully trained in the successful Ketoslim Weight Loss system.

Ketoslim is a natural fat loss system, which uses the body’s own metabolism to burn fat. This system is available only from healthcare professionals. It is based on using low (GI) carbohydrates, adequate protein and fat. Ketosystem is a specific monitored, healthy eating plan that will reduce glucose levels which is an important tool to slow aging process.

South Melbourne Naturopathy for Detox

Regular detoxing is important to prevent an excess buildup of toxins (poisons) within your body. Imaging what your house would look and smell like if you did not take out the rubbish regularly.

When we detox our bodies we improve the function of our eliminatory organs. Elimination occurs through the digestive system (faecal material), urinary system (urine), skin (sweat), lymphatic system (blood and lymph) and the liver. The liver is a complex and remarkable organ. It is the most important organ of metabolism and is sometimes considered the most important organ in the human body as an individual’s health and vitality is inextricably linked to the health and vitality of their liver.

South Melbourne Naturopathy for Hormonal Imbalances

Hormone imbalances can occur in men and women, especially as they age or are under stress. Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) involves synthetic hormones that can cause side effects like stroke and breast cancer, according to the study done by the Women’s Health Initiative from 1991 to 2002. Testosterone supplements can also cause problems, like acne, hair loss and water retention if you take too much and it turns to estrogen.

Naturopathy treats Hormonal Imbalances with dietary adjustments and natural supplements, thus avoiding dangerous side effects.

South Melbourne Naturopathy for Women’s Health

We provide a full range of naturopathic care for all female health issues, including hormonal issues, pregnancy support, IVF support, period problems, PCO and Endometriosis.

We know the importance of great customer service when it comes to your health.

Call Lia today on (03) 9650-6520 or use our contact form to discuss how Naturopathy can benefit you.


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