The Biological Age Test  test also known as Cellular Health Test uses measurable and objective bio markers to assess your body composition, which are important factors in determining your cellular and nutritional status (Bio markers).

Bio markers are key physiological indicators of disease and ageing and include:

  • Your Biological Age
  • Cellular Vitality
  • Cellular Toxicity
  • Body fat and muscle mass
  • Cellular fluid
  • Intra Cellular & Extra Cellular fluid
  • Inflammation , Toxicity

You will receive:

  • Computerized report.
  • Individual health goals.
  • Specific lifestyle and dietary recommendations.
  • On-going monitoring of progress.

The benefits of this assessment:

Find out your personal Biological Age and learn which Bio markers of Ageing you should be working on to improve your health and increase your vitality. This test also provides you with the motivation needed to initiate the lifestyle modification for the healthy results you want:

  • It helps in monitoring your weight loss program
  • It helps to increase your energy and vitality
  • It will be an aid to help to detoxify your body
  • It helps to improve your overall health

How does the Biological Age Test work?

Your cellular health and vitality is measured using a Bio-Impedance Analysis equipment (BIA). The BIA uses bio-electric analysis to conduct an effective measurement of your body’s electro-conductive properties and is a preventative tool that can show imbalances in your body composition.

All living organisms consist of both intra and extra cellular fluids that behave as electrical conductors as well as cell membranes that behave as electrical condensers. The application of a low level alternating current will reflect the health of the cell and therefore the body through its ability to resist and react with this current.

The Biological Age Test is part of the Extended Naturopathic Consultation

The combination of your initial bio marker assessment with an individualized nutrition and lifestyle program will target specific areas of concern highlighted by the result of BIA test. Your health practitioner will closely monitor your progress helping you return to the road of health and take control of your well being.

Lia Mills, is a Naturopath and is a registered provider for all the major health funds.

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