Are you looking for the secret on how to lose weight? Have you tried so many diets? Do you find the diet too slow or too hard to follow? They have worked, however you put your weight back on.

There are so many diets and programs that tell you how to lose weight in the market. Be careful with extreme diets which lack proper food combining and other that use only meal replacements, They claim fast weight loss with no effort but they will do more harm than good.

Crash diets can cause nutritional deficiencies, depletes the body from fluid levels, damage the immune system, increase loss of bone, especially if you are over 40, an decrease muscle mass, which is crucial to keep you in good health.

If you lose weight fast your body recognizes that it is in a state of starvation and lowers metabolism increasing the risk of rebound weight regain.

If you want to learn how to lose weight efficiently it is recommended to consult with a health care professional to assess your current state of health and find out the underlying causes that are keeping you overweight and preventing you to lose the weight you want. In addition, health care professional will also perform an analysis of your body composition, develop an exercise program and assist you to set goals and monitor your progress.

The most underlying health issues that may affect weight loss are:
• Syndrome X
• Dysfunctional liver/fatty liver
• Hormonal imbalances
• Body toxicity
• Fluid retention that can be due to food allergies
• Sluggish metabolism
• High stress level

Other important thing when looking for a weight loss management is to find a weight loss program that will teach you to have healthy food choices, have an active lifestyle, giving you a supportive environment and promote lifestyle change. And the best of all is that a program that you teach how you can maintain your weight loss for the rest of your life.

Make sure the weight loss program will:
• Provide professional ONE on ONE consultation with the same qualified professional every week or every fortnightly as research shows that frequent contact with the health care practitioner is a key factor in the success of weight management program.
• Monitor your progress each week to receive feedback, adjust the diet, discuss any issues until you have achieved your target weight.
• Be encouraged and motivated by the practitioner using positive affirmations.

The aim of natural weight loss is to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass which is the best way to lead to a good health, improve body shape and maintain well-being.

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