Ketoslim is a natural fat loss system, which uses the body’s own metabolism to burn fat. This system is available only from healthcare professionals. It is based on using low (GI) carbohydrates, adequate protein and fat. Ketosystem is a specific monitored, healthy eating plan that will reduce glucose levels which is an important tool to slow aging process.

Main features of the Ketoslim approach:

  • Low glycemic load diet
  • Maintenance of fat metabolism & Nutritional support
  • Regular exercise & Routine patient visits
  • Uses the body’s own metabolism to burn fat
  • Requires no drugs or special medication
  • Only available from healthcare professionals

The KetoSlim dietary program is designed to help you become an efficient fat burner. Stick with it and in no time you will be burning fat efficiently and shedding those excess kilos. Make sure you maintain regular contact with your Practitioner. It is essential to your success that they support you along your journey towards a healthy body weight.

There are 5 Steps to Success on the KetoSlim program:

Step 1: Adequate Protein.

Step 2: Adequate Carbohydrate.

Step 3: Adequate “Good Fat”.

Step 4: Adequate Exercise.

Step 5: Measure Your Ketones Daily.

Benefits of KETOSLIM:

  • Improve blood glucose control
  • hormonal balancing
  • Increase thermogenics (fat burning)
  • Reduce fat production & Maintain lean muscle mass
  • Increase satiety and dietary satisfaction
  • Increase energy

Your overall health will improve as any underlying issues are addressed such as metabolism, thyroid function and hormones. Your Naturopath will also assist with any other health issue, even if it isn’t weight related, within the same consultation.

With Ketoslim weight loss you can lose up 2 kilos per week.

The bonus of this weight loss program is that you will have a free Cellular Health Test in each visit.

This advanced scientific technology called Bio electrical Impedance Analysis (Cellular Health Test) will enable Lia Mills, our Naturopath to monitor your fat loss by objectively measuring changes in your body composition including fat mass and muscle mass, which are critical factors for fat loss. This test is performed at each visit, then your practitioner will be able to chart your weight loss over time, helping you with motivation and giving you a real sense of achievement.


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Lia Mills is a Certified Naturopath, Health Consultant and Ketoslim Weight Management Consultant. She is a registered provider with all the major Health Funds.


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