What is Reiki?

Reiki is a totally safe, non-intrusive hands-on-healing technique to support your healing process , but it is much more than a physical therapy, as it also supports healing in all levels of your being such as your mind, emotions and spirit. In addition, Reiki can also be applied to encourage personal growth and spiritual awareness.

Benefits of Reiki:

• Induces relaxation and a sense of inner balancing
• Enhances medical treatment outcomes and any holistic health treatment outcomes
• Reduces stress & anxiety
• Harmonizes mind, body and spirit
• Brings mental clarity, calmness and spiritual awareness
• Helps to release negative emotions from past traumatic events
• Increases vitality and energy

Used widely throughout the World Reiki utilizes and directs the subtle life force from universal energy. Reiki is performed fully clothed in a safe and ethical environment. The Reiki practitioner induces a state of peace, tranquility and relaxation while directing the universal life force to your energy centers balancing your entire being.

Reiki also assists women dealing with fertility problems, helping them to reduce stress, reducing anxiety, doubts and fear.

Reiki also helps women going through menopause, being treated for breast cancer, experiencing cysts, PMS, mental stress, depression and fatigue.


How many Reiki sessions are needed?

That all depends on your overall health and well being. One session could be very helpful and bring the body back into balance. If you have being treated for a serious illness, weekly sessions would most likely be needed for a while. Weekly Reiki sessions are useful if you want to work through issues that block your energy flow such as anger, shame, and issues that need forgiving. As these issues are healed and released, the physical and emotional bodies heal at deeper levels, then you can start todevelop your full potential.

With regular Reiki sessions you can maintain your being at high energy levels to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Read the article Reiki is energy medicine by James Oschman, PhD


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