Lia Mills, Naturopath is proud to be part of a small group of wellness practitioner that is offering the latest technology called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) also known as Biological Age Test or Cellular Health Test. The Biological Age Test is able to assess your body’s biological markers of ageing.

BIA technology was originally developed for monitoring the health of hospital patients as well as astronauts after space travel.

biological age

My Biological Age Test measures biomarkers of health including your cellular vitality, body fat percentage, muscle mass, cellular toxicity, cellular fluid levels and your biological age.

The test is quick, painless and safe and involves a small electrical current being passed through your body.

The Biological Age Test is useful for a number of conditions:

  • If you want to loose weight – The BIA test enables me to monitor your lean muscle mass, fat mass, intracellular fluid and extracellular fluid. The BIA test shows you if you are burning fat or muscle or just loosing water. This helps in the determination of safe weight loss programs, which can be modified as required to get faster results and avoid muscle loss, helping you with motivation and giving you a real sense of achievement.
  • If you are following a detoxification program – the assessment of your toxicity level through the Biological Age Test will ensure that any treatment that I’m doing works correctly and I’m able to monitor your progress over time.
  • If you need more energy and vitality or need to rejuvenate your cells – by measuring your biological age through the BIA test I’m able to have one of the best indicators of your overall health and vitality. With correct treatment you will actually be able to see your biological age decrease overtime. Who doesn’t want to be younger?
  • Do you want to be younger?

    want to be younger

    The ageing process is accelerating when cell breakdown is exceeding cell growth, which is called catabolic metabolism. The ageing process is reversing when cell growth is exceeding cell breakdown, which is called anabolic metabolism.

    Many aspects of ageing can be reversed with proper assessment, monitoring and coaching. Your metabolism can be shifted favorably, your energy markedly improved and your risk to the diseases associated with accelerated ageing substantially reduced.

    Do not let chronic disease and accelerated ageing diminish your quality of life and that of your family.

    You will receive a computerized report and a personalized wellness program.
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