Zinc is vital for growth and repair of all tissues and for hormonal activity, healthy immune system and healthy reproductive system. The most common symptoms and conditions that are related to zinc deficiency in humans include poor wound healing, slow growth, rashes, diarrhea, and decreased immune and impaired infertility.

As zinc is related with your ability to taste and smell, some studies have been found that your taste response to a specific prepared zinc solution, taken orally, can determine if you need supplemental zinc.

In your initial consultation an easy test will be performed that helps to evaluate the status of your zinc level. If your zinc level is deficient the causes will be assessed and then a treatment plan will be designed for you.

Our Naturopathic Practitioner takes into account the fact that health is a multi-factorial issue and hence all levels are addressed. Each individual is assessed to ensure a specific health treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs.

Other modalities, treatments and assessments also used by our Naturopath, Lia Mills, are: